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Woodinville home REMODEL

A Dream Bathroom Come True

Our team had the pleasure of turning the dream bathroom vision into reality for a retired couple in Woodinville. The focal point of the project was the complete remodel of their primary bathroom, where we introduced luxurious features such as a charming clawfoot tub and a modern new shower. A custom makeup vanity was incorporated to add both functionality and elegance, complemented by a meticulously designed tile layout that brought a unique touch to the space. In addition to the primary bath, we revamped the hall bath by replacing outdated wallpaper and floor tiles. The laundry room underwent a stunning transformation, featuring an abundance of custom cabinets to optimize storage. Taking the project a step further, we also applied a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of their home, breathing new life into the entire residence. Want to learn more about how we can transform your home from a dream to a reality? Connect with Steven Ray Construction today!

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