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Seattle Kitchen Remodeling: 7 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Project

Thinking about renovating your Seattle kitchen? Get ready for an exciting ride! But before you start, it's important to consider some key points. Make sure the planning process goes smoothly with a thoughtful approach - here are a few pointers that might help get you on the right track.

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling | Steven Ray Construction

1. Budget

Before starting your kitchen renovation, it's important to set a budget and remain mindful of the expenses involved. When crafting this plan, think holistically - from materials and appliances down to labor costs. With thoughtful planning, you can ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality without breaking the bank!

2. Layout

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling | Steven Ray Construction

A well-thought-out kitchen layout is essential for a successful cooking space. Consider how you currently use your cooking space to ensure an optimal traffic flow. Utilizing the work triangle - refrigerator, sink, and stovetop - will also help ensure each step of meal preparation is conveniently located nearby.

3. Functionality

Your kitchen should be a place of comfort and convenience, so think about what features could help you make the most out of your space. Could it benefit from more storage solutions to stay organized? Or perhaps an expansive work surface would encourage culinary creativity? Better lighting may also go miles in helping provide perfect conditions for cooking up delicious dishes!

4. Style

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling | Steven Ray Construction

Give your home a coherent design story - choose the kitchen that fits its overall style. With thoughtful consideration, you can ensure your new cooking space looks right at home!

5. Appliances

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling | Steven Ray Construction

Upgrading your appliances can reduce energy costs and deliver the extra convenience you want. Increase efficiency by choosing high-performance models designed to save money and power - giving a new meaning to "energy saving"!

6. Lighting

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling | Steven Ray Construction

Illuminate your kitchen with thoughtful lighting! Incorporate task lights to assist in meal preparations and provide a cozy atmosphere by adding ambient lights - transforming the look of your space while simultaneously setting just the right mood.

7. Materials

Invest in materials that are sturdy and capable of withstanding everyday use. Carefully consider the expense, upkeep needs, and life span when selecting your space's countertops, flooring, or cabinets.

Kitchen renovations can be big and exciting, but they require careful planning and due diligence. At Steven Ray Construction, we understand it's hard to make decisions and commit to such a project, so we're here to answer any questions and guide you along your journey. From getting the right appliances to providing professional guidance, we can help ensure your renovation experience is a success - contact us now, and we'll work together to create something truly special!


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